John Edmonds Hour 
This was broadcast at 2 pm Central Time on Saturday June 4th 2011 on the Public Radio Service of Western Kentucky University.

John Edmonds has been a central figure in the Bowling Green Kentucky gospel music scene for decades.  He’s a teacher, composer, singer, pianist, ensemble player, producer and many other things besides.

John was born in the Shake Rag district of Bowling Green and first started playing music for local churches when he was in his teens.  From there he went on to play around the nation – he met Mahalia Jackson, worked with Clara Ward and many other gospel musicians, and did a stint at Opryland - and around the world, thanks to his years working for the United Services Organization.  His work for them included three trips to Vietnam.

In this program, John talks about his life, work and ‘SKY-inspired’ – the organisation that he is currently getting off the ground and which is dedicated to promoting the arts in South Central Kentucky – as well as about his future ambitions.

You can listen again to the program here